SHEPHERD By Wanclouds Is Industry's First Controller For Mandatory Access Control And Establishing System Trust Level. Shepherd Works Across Docker Engine, Docker Swarm, And Kubernetes.

What is Shepherd?


Shepherd helps minimize the attack surface for Docker Engine, Docker Swarm, and Kubernetes clusters. It allows you to create and enforce security policies on sets of Containers with a single click. It monitors the integrity of the clusters across private & public cloulds where your production applications are running. Once deployed, it enforces security policies and generates alerts if any violations are found.

- Supports CentOS, REHL, Photon, Fedora
- SElinux as a security framework.
- Container Platform Compliance for GDPR
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System Security

Ensure proper security framework such as SElinux is enabled. Shepherd ensures all security packages are up-to-date on CentOS, RHEL, Fedora & Photon

Manage Attack Surface

Shepherd provides visibility into all processes ports and modules. Shepherd tracks system trust level

Security Policies

Create & Deploy security polices to a set of Containers organized per your requirement

Multi-Cloud support

Deploy & Manage your security policies across different public & private clouds from a single control-point

Multi-Cluster Support

Shepherd supports Docker engine, Docker Swarm, and Kubernetes

Integrity & Compliance

Shepherd has integration with Intel CIT to track integrity of the host system

Some Use Cases


430Million +

Unique Malware reported in 2015


Zero-Day Vulnerabilities found in 2015


Enterprises consider Security barrier to entry